Risk, performance, reporting and compliance-related issues are often the result of inconsistent or inaccurate data. Information Engineering is a  methodology for developing integrated information systems based on the sharing of common data, By eliminating the overhead associated with inconsistant and redundant data Information Engineering lowers costs, improves servce, increases customer satisfaction and provides a clear understanding of an enterprise's information resource.




American Information Engineering has been a strategic information engineering ally to enterprises in the financial services, government, telecommunications, manufacturing and biotechnology sectors since 1970, and has provided information engineering solutions to many of the world's most prestigious institutions.

To help organizations thrive in today's competitive landscape by using  information engineering to help enterpises have a better understanding of what their data means, where their data is, its authoritative sources, and how they can put it all together to understand their business better and make the right decisions at the right time.


  • Information Engineering

  • Enterprise Data Modeling

  • Data Warehouse Design

  • Data Architecture (relational, big data)

  • ​Conceptual Data Modeling

  • ​Logical Data Modeling

  • ​Physical Data Modeling

  • ​Data Mapping

  • ​Database Design

  • Datamart Design

  • Database Evaluation

  • Product Evaluation

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Data Standards

  • Metadata Integration